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Research & Commentary: Maryland Gasoline Taxes

February 24, 2015

In his first State of the State address, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) proposed repealing a provision in a 2013 law tying the state’s primary gasoline tax to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Research & Commentary: New Hampshire Certificate-of-Need Reform

February 24, 2015

New Hampshire is one of 36 states that have certificate-of-need (CON) laws.

Research & Commentary: Arizona Common Core

February 23, 2015

Arizona legislators are debating a proposal that would repeal the state’s implementation of the Common Core State Standards, a set of requirements for what elementary and secondary school children

Research & Commentary: Nevada Margins Tax, Round 2

February 19, 2015

Nevada’s tax system, which has neither individual nor corporate income taxes, has brought the state significant increases in population, employment, and economic growth.

Research & Commentary: New Taxes, Regulations Proposed for E-Cigarettes in Indiana

February 18, 2015

As the use of electronic cigarettes has grown, state and local governments across the nation have moved to increase taxes on these products.

Research & Commentary: Federal Gasoline Taxes

February 18, 2015

According to Forbes, the Congressional Budget Office has estimated that in 2024 alone

Research & Commentary: Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s Tax Hike Proposal

February 17, 2015

Washington state legislators face a serious budget problem due to overspending and a court-ordered mandate to increase education funding.

Research & Commentary: South Carolina Income and Gas Tax Swap

February 17, 2015

In her 2015 State of the State address, South Carolina Gov.

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