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Common Core National Standards and Tests: Empty Promises and Increased Federal Overreach Into Education

Lindsey Burke
October 7, 2013

In this Special Report for Heritage, Lindsey Burke writes that Americans who cherish limited government must be constantly vigilant of pushes to centralize various aspects of our lives.

A Comparison of the House and Senate Farm Bills

Daren Bakst, and Rachel Sheffield
October 4, 2013

In this Issue Brief, the authors write that every five years when the farm bill is up for renewal, many legislators, including those who claim to be pro–free market and limited government, pu

How Much Is Your Health Insurance Going Up?

Kelsey Harris
October 11, 2013

In this post at the Foundry, the author states that, 

Two Things Washington Cannot Ignore

Amy Payne
October 14, 2013

Amy Paynes posts at the Foundry that  as Members of Congress are at an impasse—they cannot agree on the debt limit, spending cuts, Obamacare, or funding the government.As they volley prop

Family Doctor: I Want to Take Care of My Patients

Dr. Tim Shepherd
October 7, 2013

In this original piece at the Foundry, a family doctor accounts for his view of what constitutes good health care.

Debt Ceiling Raised Seven Times Under Obama, Costing $43,000 Per Household

Amy Payne
September 26, 2013

Amy Payne writes at the Foundry that since President Obama came into office, the debt limit has been raised seven times? With those increases, Congress has added $43,000 in d

How’s the Economy at Your House?

Matthew Streit
October 2, 2013

In this Morning Bell post at the Foundry, Matthew Streit writes that the news media, the President, and Congress should be cautious in trotting out “victims” of the government shutdown.

5 Ways Obamacare Could Impact You in 5 Days

Kelsey Harris
September 27, 2013

In this visual explanation, Kelsey Harris notes that with Obamacare’s government takeover of health care beginning in just five days, its effects on American men and women—already felt by man

This Fight Is for You

Jim DeMint
September 24, 2013

This post at the Foundry explains why Heritage takes the positions it does in regard to issues related to freedom, and espeially related to Obamacare.

What You Need to Know About the Debt Limit

Amy Payne
September 19, 2013

In this post at the Foundry, the Congressional Budget Office dropped a budget update on Washington, and it’s not good. The U.S.

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