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No Child Left Behind Waivers: Bogus Relief, Genuine Overreach

Lindsey Burke
September 5, 2012

In this Issue Brief, Lindsey Burke writes that there is widespread dissatisfaction with No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

How Common Core's Standards Have Begun to Damage the School Curriculum

Sandra Stotsky
April 17, 2012

In this document for Heritage, Sandra Stotsky critiques the common core standards.

Congress Doesn’t Know Its Own Mind— And That Makes You a Criminal

Paul Rosenzweig
July 18, 2013

In this Legal Memorandum, the author writes that all too often, America’s legislature writes laws that are silent on the question of intent.

Obamacare, Simplified

Chris Jacobs
July 19, 2013

In this post at The Foundry, Chris Jacobs reports on the recents failures to implement Obamacare.  He writes that, 

Medicare’s Sustainable Growth Rate: Principles for Reform

Chris Jacobs
July 18, 2013

In this Policy Report in the Foundry at Heritage, the author writes that Congress may soon revisit the issue of Medicare physician reimbursement.

Flush with Federal Cash, Obamacare Supporters Spending Money on…Porta-Potties

Chris Jacob
July 11, 2013

In this blog post in the Foundry, the author writes that The Washington Post 

Seven Reasons to Reform Food Stamps

T. Elliot Gaiser
July 4, 2013

This blog post in the Foundry, the author contends that, 

Double Coverage: How It Drives Up Medicare Costs for Patients and Taxpayers

Robert E. Moffit
June 4, 2013

In this Backgrounder, the author writes that traditional Medicare’s cost-sharing structure has remained virtually unchanged since 1965, and seniors face unlimited out-of-pocket costs.

Medicare’s Outdated Structure—and the Urgent Need for Reform

Robert E. Moffit, Ph.D. and Alyene Senger
March 22, 2013

In this Backgrounder, the authors write that, 

Medicare Savings: 5 Steps to a Down Payment on Structural Reform

Robert E. Moffit, Ph.D. and Rea S. Hederman, Jr.
April 11, 2013

In this Issue Brief for Heritage, the authors contend that Medicare savings embodied in President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2014 budget proposal—mostly from provider payment reductions—are ina

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