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Understanding the CBO’s Change in Medicare Spending Projections

Alyene Senger
November 6, 2014

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has lowered its projections for Medicare spending over the next decade.

Free Markets Supply Affordable Energy and a Clean Environment

Nicolas D. Loris
October 31, 2014

America is in the midst of an energy boom that has brought about and economic cornucopia of jobs, affordable energy and revenues.

America’s Electricity Grid: Outdated or Underrated?

Jonathan Lesser
November 29, 2014

America's electric power grid is an immense, complex system made up of both aging and new infrastructure.

How the Affordable Care Act Fuels Health Care Market Consolidation

Christopher M. Pope
August 1, 2014

The growth of monopoly power among health care providers bears much responsibility for driving up the cost of health care over recent years.

Ending Ex–Im Would Remove Wasteful Energy Subsidies

Nicolas Loris
May 28, 2014

The U.S. Export–Import Bank (Ex–Im) provides government-backed loans, loan guarantees, and capital and credit insurance to foreign firms to enable them to buy U.S. exports.

Export–Import Bank: Cronyism Threatens American Jobs

Diane Katz
June 20, 2014

The Export–Import Bank (Ex–Im) funnels billions of taxpayer dollars each year to overseas businesses for the purchase of American products.

Business Inversions: Tax Reform Is the Only Way to Curb Them

Curtis S. Dubay
September 4, 2014

A recent surge of interest in U.S.

Which Way for the Highway Trust Fund?

Heritage Staff
July 21, 2014

Highway trust fund spending should be limited to match available revenues. One step to doing this is to end spending diversions.

What Contributes to Gas Prices and Solutions to Help

Nicolas Loris
September 4, 2014

Current sustained high gasoline prices are due in part to government policies. Federal and state governments can do more to increase U.S. energy supplies and lower gasoline prices.

How Escalating Education Spending Is Killing Crucial Reform

October 15, 2012

Abstract: In August 2012, the White House released the report “Investing in Our Future: Returning Teachers to the Classroom” to bolster President Obama’s call for massive new educa

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