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Local Land-Use Reform Can Save Money and Raise Wages

Salim Furth
April 15, 2016

Americans standard of living would get a big lift if local governments around the country reduced land use regulations and strengthened individual property rights.

2017 Senate Energy and Water Appropriations: Bill Falls Short on Key Policies

Justin Bogie, Daren Bakst, and Katie Tubb
April 25, 2016

The Senate Energy and Water Development appropriations bill  fundd projects under the direction of the U.S.

How Government Unions Affect State and Local Finances: An Empirical 50-State Review

Geoffrey Lawrence, James Sherk, Kevin D. Dayaratna, Ph.D. and Cameron Belt
April 11, 2016

Over the past half-century, the American union movement has moved into government.

Consequences of Paris Protocol: Devastating Economic Costs, Essentially Zero Environmental Benefits

Kevin D. Dayaratna, Nicolas Loris, & David W. Kreutzer
April 13, 2016

From the Executive Summary:

Common Core and the Centralization of American Education

Lindsey M. Burke, editor.
March 24, 2016

Stop a federal bureaucrat, a schoolteacher, and a parent on the street and you will likely hear three different observations about what education can, and should, do.

Examining the Renewable Fuel Standard

March 16, 2016

The use of biofuels is not a bad thing, in and of itself, but the renewable fuels mandate -- requiring the production and consumption of the fuel is central planning.

Fuel Economy Standards Are a Costly Mistake

Salim Furth, PhD, and David W. Kreutzer, PhD
March 4, 2016

Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards have added thousands of dollars to the prices of new cars, costing consumers at least $3,800 per vehicle since 2009.

Fuel Economy Standards Are a Costly Mistake

Salim Furth & David W. Kreutzer
March 4, 2016

Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards are adding thousands of dollars to the prices of new cars.

Maine Food Stamp Work Requirement Cuts Non-Parent Caseload by 80 Percent

Robert Rector, Rachel Sheffield and Kevin D. Dayaratna
February 8, 2016

The food stamp program is the nation’s second largest means-tested welfare program; its costs have risen from $20.7 billion in 2000 to $83.1 billion in 2014.

Auto Bailout or UAW Bailout? Taxpayer Losses Came from Subsidizing Union Compensation

James Sherk
June 10, 2013

This Congressional testimony, prepared by Heritage Foundation Senior Policy Analyst in Labor Economics James Sherk, explains why the 2009 Auto Industry Financing Program violated the traditional ai

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