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Unprepared Idaho: Why D.C.’s Next Budget Crisis is Our Next Problem

Idaho Freedom Foundation
February 3, 2014

Idaho’s dependence on federal money has nearly doubled in 10 years, and state policymakers are unprepared should Washington, D.C., withhold funds or stop spending money in suppo

Increasing Dependency is Not Compassion: Expanding Medicaid is the Wrong Solution to a Misdiagnosed Problem

Parrish Miller
September 20, 2012

In this policy document, Parish Miller examines the state of Idaho.  Like many other states across the country, it is now faced with a  challenging dilemma regarding Medicaid.

Idaho Report on Government Waste

September 1, 2012

As you pick up this report, an obvious question emerges: How is it thatlocal and state government officials contend they’ve cut spending, andyet our annual report on government waste keeps getting

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