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Understanding Illinois’ Broken Education Funding System: A Primer on General State Aid

Ted Dabrowski, Josh Dwyer, & John Klingner
October 3, 2013

The focus of Illinois’ current education funding system is not  what’s best for students – it’s who controls the flow and  distribution of taxpayer money.

Pensions vs. Schools

Ted Dabrowski & John Klingner
January 31, 2016

Education funding for downstate and suburban pre-K-12 schools – i.e., all Illinois school districts outside of Chicago – is one of the state’s highest priorities.

Budget Solutions 2015: Keeping Promises to Taxpayers and Turning Around Illinois

April 14, 2014

The 2015 fiscal year marks a long-awaited milestone for Illinoisans: taxpayers are less than one year away from tax relief.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Illinois Should Reject A State-Based Health-Insurance Exchange

Naomi Lopez Bauman
November 1, 2014

Fourteen states and the District of Columbia have been operating state-based health-insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.

Pensions Case Study: North Riverside

Ben VanMetre and Ted Dabrawski
October 30, 2014

Illinois’ municipal pension shortfall, excluding Chicago, has spiked to more than $12 billion from $1 billion just a decade ago. Municipalities are suffering the consequences.

Illinois’ High-Tax Problem

Ted Dabrowski
July 18, 2013

In 2011, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and the Illinois General Assembly used a lame duck session to pass a 67 percent personal income tax increase and a 46 percent corporate income tax rate increase.

Trapped in Chicago’s Worst Schools

Joshua Dwyer
October 24, 2013

In this important policy assessment, Joshua Dwyer writes about the sorry state of Chicago's public schools.  He asserts that, in 2010, then state Sen.

Budget Solutions 2014: Pension Reform and Responsible Spending for State and Local Governments

Ted Dabrowski, Benjamin VanMetre and Jonathan Ingram
March 19, 2013

Illinois is in crisis. According to official government numbers, Illinois has an unfunded pension liability of $96 billion – the worst in the nation.

Minimum Wage: Hurting More than Helping

Illinois Policy Institute
June 30, 2010

Illinois’s minimum wage, already high at $8.00 an hour, is set to increase by another 25 cents on July 1, 2010.

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