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A Legislator's Guide to Delivering Better Service at a Better Price

Steve Anderson and Patrick Parkes
July 29, 2014
States with the lowest tax burdens outpace the highest-burden states in private sector job growth, wage increases,

The Effect of Federal Health Care 'Reform' On Kansas General Fund Medicaid Expenditures

Jagadeesh Gokhale and Angela C. Erickson
June 1, 2011

This study estimates PPACA’s effect on future Kansas’ Medicaid expenditures by constructing and comparing state Medicaid expenditure projections with and without PPACA mandates.

The Effect of Federal Health Care ‘Reform’ on Kansas General Fund Medicaid Expenditures

June 1, 2011

Medicaid is the second largest expenditure in Kansas, exceeded only by education.

The Economic Impact of the Kansas Renewable Portfolio Standard

David G. Tuerck, Paul Bachman, Michael Head
July 1, 2012

Executive Summary

How the Kansas Business Partnership Can Learn from Other HIPS

Richard Teske
October 1, 2000

In this report, the authors examine on how to best establish a defined contribution consumer choice program.

The Real Revolution in Health Care: Defined Benefit Plans

Gary Ahlquist, David Knott and Phil Lathrop
June 14, 2000

This document notes that the idea of employers providing support for their employees’ health insurance by way of a defined contribution toward the premium, leaving it to the employees to

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