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Sherzod Abdukadirov
November 4, 2015

Lawmakers pass safety regulations with the best of intentions but all to often rules meant to save lives and improve people's well-being have unintended consequences that result in more and greater


Sanford Ikeda, Emily Washington
November 18, 2015

Most municipalities regulate urban development with zoning.

Long-Term Trends in Medicaid Spending by the States

Marc Joffe
September 17, 2015

Since 2011, state spending on Medicaid has grown rapidly as enrollment increases and healthcare costs escalate.

Empirical Tests for Midnight Regulations and Their Effect on OIRA Review Time

January 5, 2009

This paper, written by Mercatus Center at George Mason University research fellow Patrick McLaughlin, examines the political phenomenon of “midnight regulations,” proposing new empirical test to st


Sherzod Abdukadirov, David Wille, Scott King
July 8, 2015

The Department of Energy (DOE) is proposing to increase energy efficiency standards for non-weatherized gas furnaces and mobile home gas furnaces, with the expressed goal of reducing environmental

Do Governments Impede Transportation Innovation?

Robert Krol
June 30, 2015

Economist Robert Krol demonstrates in the field of transportation, governments all to often stifle innovation and rather protect of incumbent businesses from competition.

Permissionless Innovation: The Continuing Case for Comprehensive Technological Freedom

March 10, 2014

This paper, written by Mercatus Center senior research fellow Adam Thierer, explains the concept of “permissionless innovation” and how technology innovators in all fields should be allowed to purs

Improving the Efficiency And Equity Of Highway Funding And Management: The Role Of VMT Charges

Tracy C. Miller
February 4, 2014

This working paper, written by Grove City College associate professor Tracy C.

Certificate-of-Need Laws: Implications for Arkansas

Christopher Koopman, Thomas Stratmann, Mohamad Elbarasse
June 9, 2015

Thirty-six states and the District of Columbia currently limit entry or expansion of health care facilities through certificate-of-need (CON) programs. These programs prohibit healt

How the Internet, the Sharing Economy, and Reputational Feedback Mechanisms Solve the “Lemons Problem”

Adam Thierer, Christopher Koopman, Anne Hobson, Chris Kuiper
May 26, 2015

This paper—authored by Mercatus Center Technology Policy Center senior research fellow Adam Thierer, Mercatus Center Project for the Study of American Capitalismr research fellow Christopher Koopma

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