National Center for Policy Analysis

The Medicare Program: The Need for Radical Surgery

Merrill Matthews, Jr.
July 1, 1996

In this document, Merrill Matthews argues that it is no surprise Medicare is going bankrupt.

Medical Savings Accounts and Managed Care

John C. Goodman and Merrill Matthews Jr.
December 22, 2000

In this policy analysis, Medical savings accounts are examined. Many people believe that Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) and managed care are mutually exclusive.

Are Medical Savings Accounts Good for the Sick?

John Goodman
November 1, 1995

In this policy fax, John Goodman argues that 

Managed Competition: Just What Exactly Is It?

John Goodman
February 4, 1994

In this Heartland Policy Fax Speech, John Goodman says that, 

Solutions to the Problem of Health Insurance Portability

August 1, 2000

In this policy fax about the Clinton administration's muddled health care plans, the author writes that, 

Patient Protection Accounts: Personal, Portable and Affordable

John C. Goodman
June 1, 1998

Although tax law generously subsidizes the employer payment of third-party health insurance premiums, it provides virtually no tax relief to those who pay medical bills directly.

Answers for Seniors about Medical Savings Accounts

Merrill Matthews Jr.
November 10, 1995

In this policy fax for the NCFPA, the author writes that the U.S.

MSAs and the States: Growth from the Grassroots

Molly Hering Bordonaro
January 6, 2001

In this policy analysis/brief analysis, the authors contends that while health care reform apparently has been assigned a low priority on the congressional agenda this year, the states have been ag

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