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Power plant proposal would hike burden on Nevada ratepayers

David G. Tuerck, Paul Bachman
October 6, 2015

Details the high costs EPA's clean power plan will impose on Nevada ratepayers due to higher energy costs and lost jobs.

The Fiscal and Economic Impact of a Margin Tax on Nevada

Paul Bachman, Michael Head, Frank Conte
July 22, 2014

This November, Nevada voters will be asked to approve a ballot measure sponsored by the Nevada State Education Association, which would establish a corporate tax known as the “margin tax,” a varian

Retiring in the Lap of Luxury

Victor Joecks and Robert Fellner
January 22, 2015

Nevada’s Public Employee Retirement System faces an unfunded liability of over $40 billion, and only once, from 2002 to 2013, has the system made its 8 percent actuarial investm

RPS: A Recipe for Economic Decline

David G. Tuerck, Ph.D., Paul Bachman, MSIE, Michael Head, MSEP
April 25, 2013

Executive Summary

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