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Oklahoma's Keystone Choice: A Garden in Winter, with Lots of Sunshine

Patrick B.McGuigan
February 2, 2011

Around America, the month of January saw a dramatic surge of school choice proposals in at least four states, programs designed actually to empower parents in deed, not merely in rhetorical flouris

'Permanent National Recession' Requires Bold Action

Brandon Dutcher
February 2, 2011

Recent news reports informed us the U.S. Postal Service lost $8.5 billion last year.

School Choice Is Back

Greg Forster
March 2, 2011

School vouchers, like the Republican Party, are back in a big way. The question for vouchers, as for the GOP, is: Have they learned their lesson?

Just a few years ago, the smart people were declaring vouchers dead. “An Idea Whose Time Has Gone: Conservatives Abandon Their Support for School Vouchers” declared the headline of a much-discussed article in Washington Monthly. The article declared that vouchers were on the way out, permanently.

Oklahoma's Educational Landscape Is Changing

Dan Lips
May 5, 2011

Oklahoma is fast becoming a national leader in offering families school choice, thanks to its charter schools and the new scholarship program for children with disabilities. Gov.

Public Education Is Being Redefined

Brandon Dutcher
April 8, 2011

On March 15 in Oklahoma City, the past met the future.

Carrying signs that read “Stop the War on Workers,” “Collective Bargaining: Backbone of the Middle Class,” and “Don’t Dismantle Public Education,” hundreds of Oklahoma schoolteachers rallied at the state capitol. They expressed concern over school spending, pension reforms, and legislation making it easier to fire bad teachers.

How to Solve Oklahoma's College Affordability Problem

Dan Lips
May 3, 2011

How much should a college education cost?

Oklahoma Higher Ed Needs Reform, Not More Taxpayer Money

Matthew Denhart and Christopher Matgouranis
June 2, 2011

With Oklahoma facing budget challenges during this year’s legislative session, higher education appropriations took a 5.8 percent cut. Predictably, this triggered a harsh response from leaders of the state’s universities, who claim that the cut will harm future economic growth. Yet, as we detail in our new report, “Oklahoma Higher Education: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom,” such claims are unfounded.

When Highter Education Isn't

Brandon Dutcher
June 2, 2011

One of the sad and dangerous signs of our times,” Thomas Sowell wrote last month, “is how many people are enthralled by words, without bothering to look at the realities behind those words.

Changes in Moody's Credit Scores Could Cost Oklahoma Dearly

Scott Moody and Wendy P. Warcholik
March 2, 2011

Moody’s Investors Service recently made a major change in how it will calculate a state’s credit rating. Oklahoma policymakers should take notice.1

In a nutshell, Moody’s will now include a state’s unfunded pension liability, along with the traditional net tax-supported debt, when determining a state’s credit rating. This change is particularly significant for Oklahoma.

Even with State Budget Crunch, Oklahomans Favor Tax Cuts

Wesley Burt
May 2, 2011

While the governor and legislature have been strongly focused on the state budget deficit, a recent SoonerPoll found that essentially half of Oklahomans, 49.8 percent, support a proposal to reduce

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