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The Regressive Impact on Ohio’s Lower-Income and African-American Families from EPA’s Proposed Regulations on Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Wayne Windgarden
December 11, 2014

Poor and minority Ohioans will be especially hard-hit by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed new rules on carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) for existing power plants because these rul

Evaluation of Plan Bay Area

September 30, 2014

Cox examines the ability of the Bay area to meet its fiscal obligations for the Bay Area Transit plan and finds is lacking.

50 State Index of Energy Regulation

Wayne Winegarden, Marc Miles
August 7, 2014
The 50 State Index of Energy Regulation measures the regulatory climate for energy consumption, production, and distribution in the states.

Not As Good As You Think

Lance Izumi and Alicia Chang
May 14, 2014

[First published at

Obamacare's Not-So-Essential Benefits

January 8, 2013

In this op-ed in the Providence Journal, Sally Pipes contends that the generous plans offered under Obamacare will drive up costs, not lower them because the plans are generous give-a-ways

Obama’s Green Team 2.0

Elizabeth DeMeo
June 11, 2013
The four leaders of President Obama’s second-term “Green Team” are nearly all in place: John Kerry has been confir

The Crusade Against Plastic Bags

Kenneth P. Green, Elizabeth DeMeo
December 12, 2012

Studies are mixed regarding whether plastic bag bans offer significant environmental benefits, but claims of rampant environmental harms are suspect.

Medical Tort: Ranking the 50 States

July 2, 2010

John R. Graham of the Pacific Research Institute offers this new report on medical malpractice laws across the fifty states. He makes 4 main points: 

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