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Lessons in Municipal Broadband from Lafayette, Louisiana

November 1, 2013

Government-funded broadband projects, exemplified by the one undertaken in 2005 by Lafayette Utilities Service (LUS), start with a fundamental error: governments believe they are entering a monopol

How to Break an American City

Steven Greenhut, Shikha Dalmia, Eric Boehm, Scott Shackford & Ed Krayewski
October 30, 2013

In this article from Reason, multiple authors account for the problems facing certain cities in the nation--many are in dire shape.

Five Phony Public Health Scares

Ronald Bailey
October 30, 2013

In this post at Reason, Ronald Bailey asserts that health activists, nutrition nannies, medical paternalists, and just plain old quacks regularly conjure up menaces that are supposedly damagi

8 Things We Won’t Miss When Pot is Legal Everywhere

Nick Gillespie
October 24, 2013

In this post at Reason that also appeared at Time, the unbiquitous Nick Gillespie writes about the growing acceptance of marijuana legalization in the nation.

Will Legal Pot Cost More Than Black-Market Pot?

Jacob Sullum
October 21, 2013

In this general view of the power of taxation as it relates to the marijuana industry, the author argues that lower taxes may actually reap more receipts, than higher taxes on the product:

In Just One Month, Politicians Prove the Power To Govern Is the Power To Destroy

J.D. Tuccille
October 22, 2013

In this post on the general use and abuse of taxation, the author opines about the government's use of taxation to destroy.  He concludes that, 

The Obama Administration Never Ran a Complete Test of Obamacare's Federal Exchanges

Peter Suderman
October 23, 2013

In this article at Reason, Peter Suderman writes that the roll out of the health care exchanges was never tested for efficiency and workability:

Feds Threaten To Arrest Email Provider for Closing Rather Than Snooping on Customers

J.D. Tuccille
August 19, 2013

In this post at the Hit & Run blog at Reason, the author writes that, 


Randy Barnett: Secret NSA Snooping is "a Fundamental Challenge" to Democracy

Alex Manning
August 19, 2013

This interview on Reason TV notes that "there is a real fundamental challenge to having popular sovereignty if the people can't know that the government is collecting data on them and...confis

Can We Start Talking About the Libertarian *Era* Already?

Nick Gillespie
August 20, 2013

In this posting at Reason, Nick Gillespie accounts for the rising libertarian ideology in modern politics, and makes the case that the libertarian vote will increasingly be important in electoral p

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