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Funding the Missouri Department of Transportation and the State Highway System

Joseph Miller
February 22, 2016

Transportation is critical to the Missouri economy. Every day, millions of Missourians use the state’s roads, bridges, public transportation, airports, and rails to go about their daily lives.

Where Obamacare Leaves Questions, Direct Primary Care May Offer Answers

Patrick Ishmael
October 1, 2015

With its passage in 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) set out to remake American health care, but in many respects the ACA didn’t change the health care paradigm at all; it simply doubled-down on

Should Missouri Raise Its Minimum Wage?

David Neumark
September 1, 2012

Some advocates in Missouri would like to see the state’s minimum wage increased to as much as $8.25, and to index it to the rate of inflation so that it will continue to climb in subsequent years.


Joseph Miller
April 28, 2015

Approximately 66 percent of the dedicated funding for state roadways comes from state and federal gas tax proceeds today.

Teacher Pension Enhancement in Missouri: 1975 to the Present

Robert M. Costrell
July 29, 2014
Missouri repeatedly and considerably enhanced its pension benefit formula from 1975 to 2001, resulting in large in

Senate Bill 774: Reforming Tax Increment Financing Districts

David Stokes
April 24, 2014

Missouri needs TIF reform. Senate Bill 774 is a beneficial compromise on the subject of TIF.

Occupational Licensing in Missouri

David Stokes
February 26, 2014

David Stokes, a policy analyst for the Show-Me Institute testifies before the Missouri House on occupational licensing.

What Makes A Good Tax Structure?

Joseph H. Haslag and Haleigh Albers
October 11, 2013

In this policy analysis, the authors write that have you ever looked at Chapter 143 of Title X of the Missouri Revised Statutes? This chapter applies to individual and corporate income taxes.

Charter Schools: Rationale & Research

Timothy J. Gronberg
November 9, 2009

Charter schools are thus given a degree of autonomy from the school districts in which they are located, although state boards of education usually retain a degree of oversight that permits t

Children Trapped in Failing Schools Need Help

Audrey Spalding
February 16, 2011

t is my opinion that the Parent Empowerment and Choice Act would expand educational choice in Missouri.

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