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Rural Healthy People: A Companion Document to Health People 2010. Volume 1

Larry D. Gamm, et al.
December 31, 2003

"Volume 1 contains brief overviews of the top rural health priority areas as well as associated Models for Practice.

Testimony to the Virginia House Committee on Health, Welfare, and Institutions - COPN Reform

Michael Thompson
February 4, 2016

Michael Thompson, chairmand and president of the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, testified in February 2016 to the Virginia House Committee on Health, Welfare, and Institutions, in su

Pension Plan Reform in Virginia

Robert C. Carlson
August 1, 2011

Government retirement plans are unsustainable in many people’s opinions.

Virginia Can Lead the Nation’s Nuclear Renaissance

Donald R. Hoffman, Rob Hartwell
June 17, 2015

Study argues that with the right policies Virginia has the opportunity to become a national leader in nuclear energy.

Keep Private Money in Road Projects

Michael Thompson
May 4, 2015

Virginia lost of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on road project 460 because it was funded with public funds with no private backing or support.   This stands in stark contrast t

Virginia’s Role in North American Energy Development

Thomas Jefferson Institute
January 15, 2015

Virginia could play a large role in America's energy renaissance through its ports as a shipping point for oil and gas from the shale fields in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio to European/Asi

Economic and Environmental Impacts of Oil and Gas Development Offshore the Delmarva, Carolinas, and Georgia

Timothy J. Considine
September 18, 2014

Technological innovations in horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and multi-dimensional seismic imagining enables energy companies to safely and profitably produce large quantities of oil and

Medical Care for the Needy

Michael Thompson
January 28, 2014

As our state’s General Assembly debates whether to expand the taxpayers’ financed Medicaid to an additional 400,000 of our citizens, we should step back and see what can be done today to

Virginia Economic Forecast 2013-2014: State to Add Jobs Despite Sequestration

Christine Chmura
June 20, 2013
From fiscal year 2001 to 2011, federal government spending nearly doubled and national defense spending increased

Three First Steps Toward Effective Teaching

Christian Braunlich

The National Council of Teacher Quality has given Virginia a D+ for teacher quality, notes Christian Braunlich in a report for the Virginia-based Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy.

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