Charles Battig

Retired physician and electrical engineer

Dr. Charles Battig, is a retired physician and electrical engineer. In the 1960s he served as “principal scientist in bio-medical monitoring systems” at North American Aviation Los Angeles in support of the Apollo Moon Mission. Later he served in the U.S. Public Health Service at NIH, Bethesda MD, in the biomedical engineering branch. Following teaching appointments in anesthesiology at UCLA and Mt. Sinai, NYC, he entered the private practice of anesthesiology until retirement.

After settling in the Charlottesville, VA area, he undertook to provide an alternate voice on climate change issues in the backyard of UVA, the former home of both Patrick Michaels, and Michael Mann. He is an active letter-to the-editor author on climate and energy topics, with publications in the WSJ, American Thinker, Barron’s, and a variety of newspapers. In 2009, Dr. S. Fred Singer appointed him president of the Piedmont Chapter of “Virginia Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Environment.”

In 2011 he succeeded in having Albemarle County, VA drop its membership in ICLEI and to rescind its 2007 “Cool Counties Resolution,” and remains active in the local political process promoting private property rights and free-market principles. He was an invited speaker at the Heartland Institute's 7th International Climate Change Conference, Chicago May 2012.