Emmett McGroarty

Executive Director, Preserve Innocence Project, American Principles Project

Emmett McGroarty is executive director of the Preserve Innocence Project at the American Principles Project. Emmett McGroarty has led Preserve Innocence on its mission of defending parental rights and defeating the Progressive march against the Constitution. The Washington Post has named McGroarty as a national leader of attempts to turn back Common Core national standards. He has published ground-breaking reports on the federal takeover of education (Townhall Magazine, March 2011), its lawless tracking of private child and family data (The New York Post, December 2011), and its lawless infliction of radical values curricula on children (Public Discourse, January 2012).  McGroarty is a frequent media guest, and his written works have appeared in publications such as Townhall MagazineThe New York PostThe Washington Times, andPublic Discourse. He is a graduate of Fordham School of Law and Georgetown University.