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Dan Pilla: 10 Principles of Federal Tax Policy

The Heartland Institute
1 S. Wacker Drive #2740
Chicago, Illinois 60606
November 14, 2013, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

On Nov. 14, 2013, Dan Pilla — one of the nation’s leading defenders of taxpayers against IRS abuse — spoke about the “Ten Principles of Federal Tax Policy,” the title of his booklet for The Heartland Institute and chapter in The Patriot’s Toolbox.

According to Pilla, “The power to tax is the most ubiquitous of all government powers. It reaches directly or indirectly to all classes of people, all industries, all elements of society. Taxes always place at least some burdens on business, individuals, and the economy. They are a necessary evil. However, citizens should tolerate only those taxes that are lawful and used to support legitimate functions of government.”

Pilla’s ten principles of federal tax policy include simplicity, noninvasiveness, efficiency, and stability.

About the author:

For three decades, Dan Pilla has been the nation’s leader in taxpayers’ rights defense and IRS abuse, prevention,and cure. Regarded as one of the country’s premiere  experts in IRS procedures, he has helped countless thousands of citizens solve personal and business tax problems they thought might never be solved.

As the author of eleven books, dozens of research reports, and hundreds of articles, Dan’s work is regularly featured on radio and television as well as in major newspapers, leading magazines and trade publications nation-wide. Dan is a frequent guest on major talk radio programs where he is heard by millions of people each year.

Dan has written or contributed to major articles for Reader’s Digest, National Review, Reason, USA Today Magazine and others. The Associated Press once commented that "Dan Pilla probably knows more about the IRS than the commissioner." The Wall Street Journal ranked Dan's book, The IRS Problem Solver, as the number one tax book in America.

Dan was a consultant to the National Commission on Restructuring the IRS. He works with numerous public policy research institutes and presented testimony to Congress on several occasions. His testimony to the Senate Finance Committee blew the lid off IRS abuse and led to many new taxpayers’ rights and protections. He is admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court.

Watch Pilla's presentation at The Heartland Institute below: