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Donald J. Devine: America's Way Back

The Heartland Institute
One South Wacker Drive Suite 2740
Chicago, Illinois 60606
October 17, 2013, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

In "America's Way Back," Devine not only reveals where things went wrong, and why, but also points the way to reclaiming America's freedom, prosperity, and creativity. The solution lies in a new "fusion" of traditional and libertarian thought.

In making the case for twenty-first-century fusionism, America's Way Backupdates the insights of Frank Meyer, the theorist Reagan specifically credited with "fashioning a vigorous synthesis of traditional and libertarian thought." Devine shows that, just as the fusionism of Meyer and William F. Buckley Jr. led to the conservative revival in the 1960s, a new harmony between freedom and tradition will revive America today.

About the author:

The Washington Post labeled Donald Devine Ronald Reagan’s “terrible swift sword of the civil service” as director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management during President Reagan’s first term when they cut 100,000 bureaucratic jobs and saved more than $6 billion by reducing bloated benefits.

Before and after his government service he has been an academic, teaching 14 years as associate professor of government and politics at the University of Maryland and for a decade as a professor of Western civilization at Bellevue University, following the former president’s entreaty to teach the American heritage to the next generation.

He is currently senior scholar for The Fund for American Studies in Washington, DC, an adjunct scholar at The Heritage Foundation, a writer and editor, and a policy consultant. Devine is the author of eight books, The Attentive Public, The Political Culture of the United States, Does Freedom Work?, Reagan Electionomics, Reagan's Terrible Swift Sword, Restoring the Tenth Amendment, In Defense of the West, and his most recent, America’s Way Back.

Devine has been a Republican nominee for Congress and for state comptroller.

Watch the video of Donald Devine's presentation at The Heartland Institute below.