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David Keene: Ceasefire in the War on Guns is Over

We will look at what gun owners can expect from Washington, the States and the courts as progressive Democrats and their funders launch the biggest, most coordinated and well financed attack on the Second Amendment ever.

March 26, 2019
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
The Heartland Institute
3939 N Wilke Rd
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004

The ceasefire in the war over gun rights ended earlier this year as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that she wants the House to act on a “universal background check” requirement and other restrictions on private firearms ownership and the Supreme Court decided to hear the first firearms case in nearly a decade.

It’s going to be quite a year and it will get rough. We will look at what gun owners can expect from Washington, the States and the courts as progressive Democrats and their funders launch the biggest, most coordinated and well financed attack on the Second Amendment ever.

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    • David Keene
      David A. Keene is the Editor at Large of The Washington Times, the nation’s largest conservative daily print newspaper. The Times’ web site is one of the top five most widely read online news outlets in the country. He is the author of Shall Not Be Infringed: The New Assaults on your Second Amendment. While serving as President of the National Rifle Association from 2011-13, the nation’s largest Second Amendment membership organization, Keene worked tirelessly to keep the U.S. from adopting further gun control legislation and the organization grew from four to five plus million members during his tenure. Along with NRA’s Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, he led the “All-In” Campaign to elect pro-gun advocates in 2012. He remains on the board, the Executive Committee, and chairs the Publications Policy Committee. From 1982 to 2011, Keene served as the elected Chairman of the American Conservative Union, the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots conservative advocacy group. ACU is the major organizer of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference or CPAC. Under Keene’s leadership, CPAC grew from a small issues conference attracting a few hundred attendees to an annual conference that draws more than 11,000 conservative activists to Washington, DC, to hear conservative leaders and to network with fellow conservatives from around the country and the world. In addition to these two volunteer civic roles, Keene was for many years Of Counsel to the Carmen Group, a Washington governmental affairs firm. He has served on the boards of The Center for the National Interest, The Constitution Project, the American Spectator, the Montana Policy Institute, and a member of the Board of Visitors at Duke University’s Public Policy School, and others and is a founding member of Right on Crime, a conservative criminal justice reform organization. Keene was the National Chairman of Young Americans for Freedom as a student and graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School. He has been a John F. Kennedy Fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics and a First Amendment Fellow at Vanderbilt University’s Freedom Forum. He served as a Special Assistant to Vice President Spiro Agnew during the Nixon Administration, then as Executive Assistant to New York Senator Jim Buckley on Capitol Hill in charge of the landmark first Supreme Court fight on campaign finance reform, Buckley v Valeo. In addition to advising local, state and national figures in hundreds of campaigns, he has been: Southern Regional Political Director for Ronald Reagan’s 1976 presidential campaign; National Political Director for George Bush’s 1980 presidential race; Senior Advisor to former Senator Bob Dole’s presidential race in 1988; and, an advisor to Mitt Romney’s first Presidential bid. He was appointed by the Bush-Cheney White House to serve as a Public Member of the U.S. Delegation to the United National Arms Trade Treaty, and by the Senate to serve on the Eisenhower Memorial Foundation board. In 2016 he was awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards from the American Conservative Union and the Second Amendment Foundation. For more than ten years, Keene wrote a regular column for The Hill, which focuses on a Capitol Hill readership. He has written for the Boston Globe, National Review, Human Events, and the American Spectator along with several book chapters. His appearances include Face the Nation, The PBS News Hour and he was a CBS News political campaign consultant for a Presidential campaign, among others. Keene is married to Donna Wiesner Keene, former Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43 appointee, has five conservative children, eight grandchildren and a great-grandchild, and spends his free time hunting and fishing.

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