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The Australian Libertarian: An Evening with Sen. David Leyonhjelm

Join Heartland for a special event with Sen. David Leyonhjelm, the only true libertarian in the Australian Parliament – a man many call the Ron Paul of the political scene Down Under.

April 12, 2017
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
The Heartland Institute
3939 N. Wilke Road
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004

Sen. David Leyonhjelm, the only libertarian in the Australian parliament, is on a tour of the United States to speak to and learn from fellow lovers of liberty – and The Heartland Institute is honored that he’s put a meeting with us on his schedule.

He will speak about the state of politics in Australia, which now has an unprecedented number of independents in office. Is this indicative of a disruption of major party dominance across the West? Is the election of President Donald Trump America’s version of a growing discontent with the failures of traditional politicians and parties? And is this phenomenon a passing fancy, or a permanent shake-up of the ensconced political order?

Sen. Leyonhjelm, the first Liberal Democrat (libertarian) to be elected to high office in Australia, has a better perspective on those questions than anyone. And he is using his platform to spread the libertarian message of smaller government and more individual liberty around the world. His discussion in the Andrew Breitbart Freedom Center at The Heartland Institute is part of his effort to launch a global project to advance libertarianism and bring those who hold such views firmly into the political mainstream.

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    • David Leyonhjelm
      Member of the Australian parliament
      Elected in 2013, David Leyonhjelm is the first member of an Australian parliament from a classical liberal or "libertarian" party. Leyonhjelm has had an interest in politics since the early 1970s when, as a member of Young Labor, he worked on the “It’s Time” campaign to help end military conscription. The following decade he joined the Liberal Party in an effort to promote economic freedom, resigning in 1996 in disgust at John Howard’s extremist gun laws. Leyonhjelm He joined the Shooters Party in 1992 (while in the Liberal Party), became the party’s chairman in 1999, and managed the successful 2003 campaign that retained the party’s NSW Legislative Council seat. When the Shooters Party was deregistered federally just prior to the federal election in 2004, he used the Outdoor Recreation Party to run a team of shooters for the Senate and marginal NSW seats. The party’s Senate preferences helped prevent the Greens from taking the final seat. The Liberal Democratic Party was founded in 2001, although Leyonhjelm didn’t join until 2005. When he joined, it had only about 150 members; it now has more than 4,500 nationally. He managed the Liberal Democrats’ federal election campaigns in 2007, 2010, and 2013. He has a classical liberal outlook, favoring individual choice and freedom over government intrusion. Leyonhjelm is married and owns an agribusiness consulting company in Sydney. A veterinarian, he also has degrees in business and law. His main sporting interest is target shooting, and his favorite music is opera.
The Australian Libertarian: An Evening with Sen. David Leyonhjelm

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