Fred Michel

Director, Institute of Environmental Science, Carleton University

Fred Michel is director of the Institute of Environmental Science and associate professor of Earth Sciences at Carleton University. He studies isotopes in ancient Arctic ground ice from which he can tell what season the precipitation fell in, what the temperature was at the time it fell and how long it has been frozen. He spent several seasons studying ground ice in Northwestern Siberia as part of a permafrost stability investigation in oil and gas fields under development.

Michel also has extensive experience in the Arctic studying regional groundwater flow systems (Yukon, Western Cordillera and Mackenzie Valley), the formation of massive ground ice bodies and the hydrological systems associated with glaciers in the eastern Canadian Arctic. He also concentrates on groundwater as a resource, both in terms of water supply and as a renewable energy source. He currently is a member of a working group on Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATE) for the International Energy Agency.