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Legislative Forum

Heartland’s Legislative Forum is made up of more than 275 state lawmakers from across the country who share our commitment to sound free-market policy solutions. Membership is just $99 for two years or $179 for a lifetime membership. As a lifetime member, you will enjoy the great benefits the Legislative Forum offers for your entire time in office, as well as alumni benefits thereafter. You also will become eligible to be selected to serve on Heartland’s Legislative Advisory Council.

Legislative Forum members receive every new book and report that Heartland releases, plus extra copies to give to colleagues and constituents. Membership also makes you eligible for complimentary hotel accommodations and travel reimbursements for Heartland events, including our Emerging Issues Forums series. We can also send one of our more than 500 experts to come testify or come hold a Policy Forum in your state for you and your colleagues.

As a member of The Legislative Forum, you will have made a commitment to learning more about free-market solutions to legislative issues. In return, our commitment is to give you priority access to research, testimony, or briefings on matters of public policy.

The Heartland Heat Map lays out our government relations team’s extensive education and legislative activities in the 50 states in 2018.

"In a country whose political dialogue has been clouded with the lack of transparency created by conventional political thinking Heartland throws open the door to fresh and creative thought and discussion.
Hon. Jeff Essmann State Representative, Montana
July 8, 2016