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Government & Politics
January 20, 2017
Heartland Institute President Joseph Bast on Trump’s Inaugural Address
‘Trump’s repeated promise to put the interests of Americans first sounded odd, to me and probably to many people listening to this address, because it is so rarely heard from our national elected leaders.’
A Second Chance for Freedom
Quarterly Performance Report Fourth Quarter, 2016
Climate Change
Why Scientists Disagree about Global Warming
The most important fact about climate science, often overlooked, is that scientists disagree about the environmental impacts of the combustion of fossil fuels on the global climate.
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Health Care
Send in the Clowns
Donald Trump mocks "Head clown Chuck Schumer" on Twitter for opposing Obamacare fix
Government & Politics
November 21, 2016
Action Plan for President Trump
The Heartland Institute lays out a positive reform agenda for the new president that would encourage economic growth, increase individual liberty, and restore the proper balance of power among the government and the people.
#OurAmerica is a nationwide movement to bring our country together to emphasize what makes America fundamentally good and what distinguishes it from other nations.
Title: Emerging Issues Forum (EIF) Orlando: Budget & Taxes Panel
Description: States are seeking ways to create a better business climate to attract jobs and businesses to their states. Some states have been passing right-to-work laws, pushing tax reform, and reforming their public pension systems, while others have increased taxes and regulations. This panel discusses which policies are working and which are not. Speaking on this panel are West Virginia Delegate John Overington (R – Berkeley), Beacon Center of Tennessee Director of Policy Lindsay Boyd, and State Budget Solutions President Bob Williams.

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