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Consumers for Health Care Choices (CHCC), a project of The Heartland Institute, seeks to preserve individual freedom, improve the quality of health care, and improve the efficiency of America’s health care system. We work with doctors, insurers, privacy advocates, health care entrepreneurs, and consumers to help make this happen.               

The best way to do this is by empowering individuals by giving them more control over the dollars spent on their behalf. We believe Obamacare moves the nation in just the opposite direction, and therefore ought to be repealed and replaced.

Free-market based reform in health care includes expanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), replacing the tax deduction for employer-provided health insurance with a refundable tax credit, removing regulations that discourage competition and choice in insurance and among health care providers, and reducing the costs associated with litigation.

We publish Health Care News, the nation’s only monthly publication devoted to consumer-driven health care reform, sent to every national and state elected official in the U.S.  We also produce Consumer Power Report, a free weekly e-newsletter summarizing the latest news and commentary on health care reform.
CHCC’s team of policy experts includes  Kenneth Artz, Richard Dolinar, M.D., Peter Ferrara, J.D., Matthew Glans, and Michael Hamilton. They write, speak at public events, and testify before elected officials
This website features the latest research, news, and commentary on health care reform. It has scores of links to background information, allies, videos and podcasts, and more.
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Hot Topics We Are Following
Why Medicaid Expansion is a Bad Idea. One of the worst components of Obamacare is its provisions encouraging states to expand their Medicaid rolls. As Matthew Glans explains, Medicaid needs to be reformed, not expanded.
Time to Repeal Certificate of Need Laws. Many states allow the owners of existing hospitals and clinics to decide whether or not competitors can enter their service areas. That’s anti-competitive, hurts patients, and leads to higher prices.
Direct Primary Care: Part of the Solution. It’s not the entire answer to what ails health care today, but allowing patients and doctors to contract directly with one another for primary care is reducing bureaucracy and lowering costs around the country.
Health Care Sharing Ministries On the Rise. Like direct primary care, health care sharing ministries are another way to lower the cost of care while protecting the patient-doctor relationship.


  • Saving Medicare Part D

    The Medicare prescription drug benefit, known as Medicare Part D, has been a model of bipartisan compromise on entitlements since it was passed in 2003 and signed into law by George W. Bush. Medicare Part D deserves defending because it serves citizens well. Government shouldn’t be allowed to ruin it.
  • Medicaid Reform

    The need to reform the broken Medicaid system has never been greater. Medicaid fails to serve people who need care the most and burdens states with unsustainable costs as more people are added to the system. The only way Medicaid can be saved from collapse is through responsible national reform. For more information, visit
  • Obamacare

    Obamacare is a disaster. Rather than liberate the American health care system from bureaucracy and waste, it blankets it with more of both, suffocating innovation and destroying freedom. The result is a system that is inconsistent with the freedom, prosperity, high living standards, and traditions of the American people.