Kevin Fitzgerald

Vice President, The Heartland Institute

Kevin Fitzgerald is The Heartland Institute’s Vice President of Programs, and holds additional responsibilities as Director of Publications. As Vice President of Programs, he works with the government relations, public relations, and editorial department heads to record and target outreach to legislators and members of the media, and also works with those departments on any printed materials needed for effective outreach.

As Director of Publications he manages Heartland’s design and production staff to ensure the quality of printed and online materials. The publications department keeps itself busy designing Heartland’s printed materials including its five monthly newspapers, informative brochures, DVDs/CDs, posters, postcards, and invitations for events.

Kevin graduated from Indiana University in 1994 with a BA in Fine Arts/Design Communication. He joined The Heartland Institute in 1998 as Heartlandʼs art director after working in advertising for three years. While art director, Heartlandʼs art department added two full time graphic designers in order to keep pace with the growth in outreach that Heartland experienced during that time.

He left Heartland in 2005 to pursue a management position at a large industrial catalog publisher, but returned in early 2007 in his current role to help manage the expansion of the Government Relations and PR departments. He brings to Heartland 14 years of design and publishing experience and eight years of management experience.