Latreece Reed

Vice President, Administration, The Heartland Institute

Latreece Reed is vice president - administration of The Heartland Institute, a 30-year-old national nonprofit research center located in Chicago, Illinois. According to a recent telephone survey, among state elected officials The Heartland Institute is among the nation’s best-known and most highly regarded "think tanks."

Reed joined Heartland in September 1999 as an administrative assistant. She was promoted in 2001 to director of operations and in 2005 to chief operating officer. She is responsible for all personnel matters, including recruitment, hiring, training, management, evaluation, benefits, and payroll. She oversees a full-time staff of 25 and a network of 10 independent contractors. She also acts as circulation manager for Heartland’s serial publications, overseeing maintenance of the organization’s current 85,000-name database, subscription renewals, and new circulation projects.

Prior to joining Heartland, Reed had more than 10 years’ experience in the administrative field. She began her career as outpatient clerk and was later promoted to outpatient secretary at Columbus Hospital in Chicago. She then became administrative assistant for Uhlich Children’s Home and was later promoted to software trainer, responsible for new employee orientation and computer training.

Reed was born and raised in Chicago. In June 2003, she graduated from Robert Morris College with her Bachelor’s Degree in Management and in February 2007 she completed her Master's Degree in business administration with a concentration in human resources at the University of Phoenix.

Reed has two sons named Devonta and Marcus, Jr. who are the pride and joy of her life. She enjoys reading, movies, and spending time with family and friends.