Maureen Martin (1946-2013)

Maureen Martin, a long-time senior fellow and legal counsel to The Heartland Institute and a close friend to many of us here, died in a house fire on February 5, 2013.

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Maureen was a talented attorney, scholar, and writer. She was deeply committed to protecting individual liberty and limited government through her work with The Heartland Institute, the Federalist Society, and as a volunteer in her local community with many groups.  She was deeply involved in a half-dozen research and writing projects for Heartland, projects that will now be much the poorer without her.

Maureen was the editor of Lawsuit Abuse Fortnightly, a newsletter that documented outrageous examples of lawyers and plaintiffs abusing the legal system for personal gain. She was the author of two Heartland Policy Briefs explaining and defending Wisconsin’s Act 10, a pioneering collective bargaining reform measure. She wrote legal briefs on a wide variety of topics including the right of nonprofit groups to keep the identities of their donors confidential, the Second Amendment, and environmental regulation. Her amicus brief was cited by the majority in the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 landmark ruling in McDonald v. Chicago, finding  individuals have a constitutionally protected right to "keep and bear arms."

In 2012, when The Heartland Institute was the victim of criminal theft of corporate documents, Maureen worked tirelessly to assemble a legal team to explore our legal options and press the U.S. Attorney to prosecute the offender. Most recently she completed work on chapters for a new book on the urgency of constitutional reform that Heartland plans to publish later this year. Her bio appears in our directory of experts here.

Since joining Heartland in 2000, Maureen became a friend, mentor, and confidante to everyone in Heartland’s orbit. Though considerably less than 5 feet tall, she commanded the attention of others by her quick wit and her always insightful observations. She was a loyal friend, a great listener, and always the optimist in the room.

We have lost a true friend, and freedom has lost one of its finest defenders.

Maureen Martin on a "Fast and Furious" panel at CPAC Chicago, June 2012:

Maureen Martin's columns in the Daily Caller:

President Obama’s Gun Orders Aren’t so Benign
January 31, 2013 

The Truth About Armed Guards in Schools
January 10, 2013 

Guns for Dummies
December 20, 2013

Amicus Briefs filed by Maureen Martin:

McDonald v. Chicago
United States Supreme Court
June 28, 2010
[NOTE: This brief was the first one cited by the Supreme Court in its majority decision in favor of upholding the personal right to bear a handgun in the city of Chicago.]

County of Santa Clara, et al., vs. The Superior Court of Santa Clara County
California Supreme Court
April 27, 2009

Parker v. District of Columbia
Federal District Court for the District of Columbia
August 28, 2003

Some Policy Documents by Maureen Martin:

Wisconsin’s Act 10: Saving Schools from the Fiscal Cliff
December 11, 2012

Report: School Districts Flourish Under Walker’s Act 10
May 22, 2012

Heartland Podcasts featuring Maureen Martin:

January 11, 2013: In Maureen Martin''s last Heartland Daily Podcast she speaks with Director of Communcations Jim Lakely about her Daily Caller piece titled "The Truth About Armed Guards in Schools." 

July 6, 2012: Maureen Martin discusses the historic decision by U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts that the personal mandate in Obamacare is a tax. Martin says that means Congress has no limits on what it may try to get Americans to do.

November 11, 2011: Maureen Martin is a guest on the Cari and Rob Show to discuss the latest in Congress' Fast and Furious investigation and the latest Obamacare decision by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

September 13, 2011: Maureen Martin talks with Heartland Research Fellow Benjamin Domenech about the Fourth Circuit decision to dismiss Virginia's lawsuit against the individual mandate in Obamacare.

June 17, 2011: Maureen Martin talks with Heartland Research Fellow Steve Stanek about the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturning a ruling that blocked a bill to restrict the power of government unions to collectively bargain and to give workers the freedom to opt out of government unions.

March 4, 2011: Maureen Martin talks with Heartland Research Fellow Steve Stanek about the turmoil in Wisconsin between government workers and Gov. Scott Walker and Republican lawmakers who want to reduce the bargaining power of government unions.

December 10, 2010: Maureen Martin talks with Heartland Research Fellow Benjamin Domenech about why medical malpractice reform needs to happen at the state level, not the federal.

October 22, 2010: Maureen Martin discusses hot legal topics regarding the environment with Heartland Senior Fellow for Environment Policy James M. Taylor.

August 12, 2010: Heartland Research Fellow Benjamin Domenech interviews Maureen Martin about the question of legal severability and the case against Obamacare.

April 10, 2010: Maureen Martin interviews Van Irion, a Tennessee lawyer who has filed a lawsuit against President Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare under the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution.

March 17, 2010: Benjamin Domenech talks to Maureen Martin on a Heartland podcast about the "Slaughter Rule," the individual mandate and other legal aspects of Obamacare.

March 1, 2010: Maureen Martin speaks about the legality of Obamacare on the Freedom Works/Paul Molloy Radio Show.


Other writings, materials from Maureen Martin:

Posts at Heartland's blog, Somewhat Reasonable

Lawsuit Abuse Fortnightly newsletters -- from the first in May 2002 until her last in February 2013.

All of Maureen Martin's work collected at PolicyBot, Heartland's document database.