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A CareerWise Apprenticeship Path to the Jobs of the Future! (Guest: Noel Ginsburg)

October 31, 2019

Research Director Edward Hudgins talks with CareerWise CEO Noel Ginsburg about the need for technical education and apprenticeships.

Labor markets are changing quickly. Will our kids be prepared for high-paying jobs or destine for the unemployment line?

For years there’s been a serious disconnect between our education system and the needs of students to acquire the skills and training needed for productive careers. Today, there are some 1.6 million more job openings than there are unemployed American. Worse, many high school students go on to college, accumulate high debts, and come out with degrees with little market value.

Noel Ginsburg is doing something about it. He is the CEO of CareerWise Colorado. This program, initiated in 2016, is modeled on the Swiss system in which 40 percent of all companies participate. Some 70 percent of Swiss students choose apprenticeships. Ginsburg will explain the benefits and success of the program in his own state, how CareerWise is expanding into other states, and how it can meet the needs of students for high-paying careers, companies for quality employees, and the country for a culture of productivity and achievement.

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Edward Hudgins is a senior fellow for The Heartland Institute.