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A Columbine Survivor Tells his Story (Guest: Colorado State Rep. Patrick Neville)

April 20, 2018

Patrick Neville, a survivor from the Columbine High School massacre, joins the show exactly 19 years after the tragedy took place.

Patrick Neville is a survivor of the massacre at Columbine High School. Currently the minority leader of the Colorado state House, Neville breaks down what happened on April 20, 1999, the day of the shooting, and how it has affected his life and those of his classmates ever since.

Today, Neville advocates for the Second Amendment in the Colorado state House. He believes concealed carry should be permitted for teachers who choose to do so and have received proper training. Neville also talks of the death threats he receives to this day from gun control advocates, a disgusting act considering the tragedy he experienced.

Jim Lakely is the director of communications and the primary media contact at The Heartland Institute. @jlakely
Tim Huelskamp is the president and CEO of The Heartland Institute. @CongHuelskamp