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A View from Silicon Valley (Guest: Patrick Peterson)

March 2, 2020

Silicon Valley leans heavily left. Patrick Peterson, a Valley denizen, discusses whether the tech titans will ever support truly free markets.

How come Silicon Valley, the innovative tech hub of the world which has most benefitted from economic liberty, seems to be populated by leftists who love Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who want to take away that freedom and even break up the tech giants anchor the Valley’s and even the country’s economy?

Patrick Peterson is a free-market advocate who’s worked in Silicon Valley for some 25 years. There, he also holds regular Bastiat Society meetings and an annual Mises Celebration to discuss and honor the works of the great economist, Ludwig von Mises. Patrick was also involved in the founding of the Heartland Institute, acting as its first development director!

In this podcast, Patrick will discuss the attitudes and politics of the tech class that should be on the side of free markets. Are the hopeless, trapped in self-defeating leftist dogmas? Do some still support the Enlightenment values of liberty? Can their eyes be opened to the tragedy of socialist policies by looking at the mess they’ve made of San Francisco and driven housing costs in the Bay area through the roof? Maybe they won’t start wearing MAGA hats, but with attacked coming from the left, will the tech giants rethink their politics and seek a détente with the right if not the Trump administration? Find out in this podcast!

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