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Advances in Artificial Intelligence (Guest: Peter Voss)

February 12, 2020

Artificial Intelligence is in our future. Peter Voss shares his journey in developing AI further along.

Peter Voss, Founder of SmartAction ( and CEO/Chief Scientist of AGI Innovations, Inc., has spent many years studying communications and human intelligence in order to build machines with artificial intelligence attempting to match it. His company helped turn these designs into ideas and has been marketing and commercializing them for every day business and person use since.

The topics covered by Voss in this podcast with Heartland research director Edward Hudgins include:

  • The difference between narrow artificial intelligence (AI) directed at very specific tasks—playing chess, diagnosing illnesses, suggesting Netflix shows to you—and artificial general intelligence (AGI), which is more like real human intelligence—systems that can learn new skills, think, reason and interact with you through natural language conversations.
  • How an AGI with cognition can understand you as an individual, not only your preferences but your emotional states and tendencies. It can become a true personal assistant, helping you think clearer, make important life choices, and optimize your life.
  • How computer-brain interfaces can work in conjunction with AGI but have inherent limitations due to the nature of the “wetware” of our brains.
  • How the fears of AIs or AGIs becoming our masters is misguided. Fear sells in popular culture, but those expressing those fears rarely have a good grounding in cognitive psychology. Ascribing human emotions—e.g., a desire to dominate the world—to artificial intelligence is unfounded.

Don’t miss this exciting podcast with a cutting-edge tech innovator!

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Edward Hudgins is a senior fellow for The Heartland Institute.