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Angel Figueroa: Pennsylvania Charter School

February 23, 2017

Is a Pennsylvania Charter School's Accreditation Being Unfairly Challenged?

Angel Figueroa, chief executive officer of I-LEAD Charter School, is our guest on today's program. Figueroa discusses the goals and struggles of I-LEAD, a "risk charter school" in Reading, Pennsylvania that serves economically disadvantaged, primarily Hispanic children.

On today's show Angel Figueroa, chief executive officer of I-LEAD Charter School, discusses I-LEAD's accreditation status, and says it is being unfairly challenged by the local school district, despite a truancy rate of 11 percent, compared to 64 percent in the Reading School District. ​Figueroa talks about how the school serves the community, why the district feels threatened by its presence, and what the school is trying to do to keeps its accreditation. 

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Teresa Mull is a policy advisor for education and an editor at The Heartland Institute.