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Banning Gag Clauses in the Pharmaceutical Trade (Guest: Dr. Williams S. Smith)

October 15, 2018

Bill Smith, the Pioneer Institute's visiting fellow in the life sciences, speak of the federal and state efforts to increase transparency and reduce costs in health care by banning "gag clauses" in the pharmaceutical trade.

Dr. William S. Smith is the Pioneer Institute’s visiting fellow in the life sciences. Dr. Smith has 25 years of experience in government and in corporate roles as well as senior staff positions for the Republican House leadership on Capitol Hill, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, and the Massachusetts Governor’s office where he served under Governors Weld and Cellucci. He spent ten years at Pfizer Inc. as vice president of public affairs and policy where he was responsible for Pfizer’s corporate strategies for the U.S. policy environment. He later served as a consultant to major pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. Dr. Smith earned his Ph.D. in political science with distinction at The Catholic University of America.

In this podcast, he discusses the efforts afoot in the states to ban "gag clauses" that have prevented pharmacists from informing consumers that cheaper drugs exist for them to buy out-of-pocket (and how the recent federal move to do the same thing was a direct result of the state-led effort).

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