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Biden’s COVID-19 Test Plan: Too Little, Too Late? (Guest: Doug Badger)

February 2, 2022

President Biden announced that his administration is making available for free, 1 billion at-home rapid COVID-19 tests. Here’s what we should expect.

President Biden announced that his administration is making 1 billion at-home rapid COVID-19 tests available for free. The tests will be distributed through the mail and private insurance companies. Doug Badger, a former White House and Senate policy advisor and now a senior fellow at the Galen Institute and the Heritage Foundation is a big fan of making available tests to the public so they can make informed choices. Badger argues this plan is convoluted and flawed, and probably 18 months too late.

Both Presidents Biden and Trump have supported at-home COVID testing, but delays at the FDA held up release of the tests early in the pandemic. Badger discusses concerns about the possibility of false results from the test, whether the tests will become “politicized” to restrict actions by people choosing not to get the COVID- 19 shots unvaccinated, and the unintended consequences from the government buying a stockpile of the tests.

Biden’s COVID-19 Tests Plan: Too Little, Too Late:

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