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Can We Make Kidney Dialysis Obsolete? Why Care has been Stuck in the 70’s (Guest: David Moskowitz, M.D.)

May 12, 2020

Kidney failure is the ninth leading cause of death and the biggest cost driver in Medicare. One doctor explains how this can be solved.

Kidney failure is the ninth leading cause of death and the biggest cost driver in Medicare. Dr. Moskowitz reached out to Health Care News host AnneMarie Schieber with a message that got her attention.  He said kidney dialysis has been obsolete for 25 years, but nobody knows it and 25 million people die prematurely because of it.

1.     Moskowitz discusses his background and what led him devote your career to kidney treatment

2.      Why  kidney care has not improved in 50 years

3.     What have been the treatment options

4.     Why he believes dialysis has been obsolete for 25 years

5.     Why there hasn’t been more of a push to prevent kidney disease, or more effort to stopping it before it gets to end stage?

6.     Are kidney transplants a cure?  Do we haven’t enough donors, living and cadaver?

7.     Many people may think of kidney disease as a disease afflicting older people but that is not the case. And what many people may not know is if you are younger than age 65, and in end stage disease you are eligible for Medicare.  This was a decision made in the 1970’s largely out of compassion for kidney disease patients.  How has this worked out?

8.     President Trump announced initiatives last year to move the needle on kidney care. Moving dialysis to the home.

9.      The  Kidney X project, that the Administration has launched, offering a prize to innovative solutions to kidney care.

10.      What legislatures need to keep in mind as they make decisions in health care, and how that could apply for kidney disease.

Moskowitz also discusses his thoughts on the Public Health Sector and the roll the VA hospitals should play, why he believes we have no business model for prevention and how to hold government agencies more accountable for outcomes.

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AnneMarie Schieber is a research fellow at The Heartland Institute and managing editor of Health Care News, Heartland's monthly newspaper for health care reform. @HCPolicy