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Cancel Culture in Health Care: Perspective From a Doctor Raised Under Communism (Guest: Gabriel Eyal)

March 22, 2021

A doctor raised in communist Romania describes the similarities of her upbringing to modern day “cancel culture.”

Recently, The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) fired one of its editors for stating that he didn’t think physicians appreciated being called “racist” in a podcast discussion on “structural racism.” JAMA pulled the podcast and apologized after 2,000 people signed a petition demanding the editor should be terminated. Gabriel Eyal, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist who grew up in communist Romania.  She finds similarities to today’s “cancel culture” and “woke culture” to her childhood and describes why it is dangerous to pressure professionals to “self-criticize.”

Eyal also discussed:

- how her clients, many from a wide variety of backgrounds, view “racism” in medicine

- how Medicaid exacerbates problems with access to health care and why this sometimes is blamed on “racism”

- the fear health care professionals have about losing licenses to practice because of “woke pressure”

- how license requirements for woke training interferes with health care practices, limits hours for patients, and overlooks the fundamental problems to health care

Bonus:  as a clinical psychologist, Eyal offers tips to people terrified to live normally after a year of lockdowns. 

“When you don’t have something and you finally have it, it is so scary to see that you might lose it again.” Gabriela Eyal, PhD.

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