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Climate Lawsuits: Bad Science, Bad Law, Wrong Forum (Guest: Peter Ferrara)

January 27, 2020

Multiple courts have dismissed climate lawsuits against fossil fuel companies, saying that it is up to the legislative or executive branches to dictate environment and energy policy, not the judicial.

Attorney and Heartland Institute fellow Peter Ferrara notes that cities, children, and entire states have brought multiple lawsuits against both fossil fuel corporations and the federal government in an attempt to impose energy and climate policy through the judicial branch. The courts have dismissed them all on the grounds that the legislative and executive branches, not the judicial, are the proper branches of government to shape national policy. Besides this outcome, Ferrara delves further, explaining that these lawsuits are based on bad science and, if they had been successful, they would have harmed the economy.
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H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D., is a Heartland senior fellow on environmental policy and the managing editor of Environment & Climate News.
Peter Ferrara, J.D., is a senior fellow at The Heartland Institute and an advisor for entitlement reform and budget policy at the National Tax Limitation Foundation.