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Climategate: Lessons on the 10th Anniversary (Guest: Paul Driessen)

November 21, 2019

Policy Analyst Paul Driessen explains climategate demonstrated scientists undermining the scientific method to push an anti-fossil fuel agenda, and unfortunately, they were not punished for their actions.

Climategate came from the release of thousands of emails showing prominent climate scientists hiding inconvenient facts, and fudging data to argue humans were causing dangerous climate change when the facts didn't show it. Despite the publicity surrounding it, the investigations were whitewashes, largely exonerating the scientists involved of wrongdoing. Since then, climate scientists have continued to manipulate data and hide research from the light of day in order to push socialism.

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H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D., is a Heartland senior fellow on environmental policy and the managing editor of Environment & Climate News.
Paul Driessen is a senior policy advisor with the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise.