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COVID-19 is Exposing Our Health Care System (Guest: Ed Hudgins)

April 30, 2020

COVID-19 has led many Americans to realize there are fundamental flaws with our health care system. Christina Herrin and Ed Hudgins break down these issues.

Christina Herrin, Heartland’s director of Free to Choose Medicine, discusses with Senior Fellow Dr. Ed Hudgins how the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed controversial health care perspectives, the need to deregulate and reform current FDA drug approval processes, and the future of health care as we know it.

Read Ed Hudgins op-ed Does Biden’s Public Health Adviser Want the Coronavirus to Kill the Elderly for more!

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Christina Herrin is a former state government relations manager at The Heartland Institute. @_Free2Choose
Edward Hudgins is a senior fellow for The Heartland Institute.