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Current Issues in Government Spending, Taxation and Regulation (Guest: Pamela Villarreal)

January 2, 2019

Why do plastic bag bans damage private businesses? How does overregulation damage the economy? Find out in 2019’s first episode of Budget & Tax News!

Pamela Villarreal, a policy advisor to The Heartland Institute, applies economic research and reasoning to government regulation, tax and spending issues. Pam, associate director of the Colloquium for the Advancement of Free-enterprise Education (CAFÉ) in the Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas at Dallas, joins the show to discuss her research on local, state and federal public policy issues. The issues she analyzes range from the surprising economic effects of local bans on plastic grocery bags, to state initiatives to provide care for the elderly and the unintended consequences of hiking the federal minimum wage.

Joe Barnett was managing editor of Budget & Tax News, a publication of The Heartland Institute. He now serves as a volunteer policy advisor.
Pamela Villarreal is an NCPA expert on retirement, economic growth and tax issues.