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Cutting Through Scandanavian Socialism Lies

January 1, 2020

Editor and research fellow Chris Talgo discusses the false narrative that countries such as Sweden and Norway are socialist paradises as told by socialist politicians such as Bernie Sanders on The Washington Times program Bold and Blunt with Cheryl Chumle

For a long time socialists have tried to use Scandanavian countries as model countries for socialism and not the abysmal failures such as Venezuela. It turns out that these countries have already tried these policies shortly after World War II and after realizing they were stunting growth, they became far more free-market focused. 

What socialists fail to realize is that, even if the story was true, the Untied States is far different. Countries the size of Maryland do not compare to our sprawling, multi-faceted, and more culturally diverse nation. It would be folley to repeat the experiment here. 

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Chris Talgo is editor & research fellow with The Heartland Institute