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Dangers of Medicaid Expansion (Guest: Naomi Lopez-Bauman)

November 11, 2019

The Heartland Institute's health care policy advisor Sarah Lee interviews Naomi Lopez-Bauman, health care scholar with the Goldwater Institute and the Beacon Center, on the battle over Medicaid expansion in Tennessee.

When the state of Tennessee chose not to expand Medicaid and decided instead to explore block grant funding for the program, Tennessee residents in Shelby County came out to register their complaints that the state was going rogue.

Many of those residents, who who use Medicaid and believed that a block grant would somehow mean they would no longer have access to health insurance and care, even asserted that the state should have m ore oversight from the federal government on the program.

If an independent-minded Southern state like Tennessee is terrified of the state making a decision about how they want to fund Medicaid, it's clear the message of health care reform and the inefficiency in government-run programs has been distorted.

Health care scholar Naomi Lopez-Bauman joins The Heartland Institute's Health Care News podcast again this week to discuss the folly of Medicaid expansion and why residents in Tennessee have been given bad information about emerging health care reform efforts, and why they have no reason to fear. 

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Sarah Lee is a policy advisor for health care and a host of Heartland's Health Care News podcast.