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Dental Therapy Bill Gives Arizonans a Reason to Smile (Guest: AZ State Sen. Nancy Barto)

February 6, 2018

Dental Associations across the country are waging an all-out war against dental therapy, a revolutionary practice that will increase availability of dental procedures and reduce costs.

Arizona state Sen. Nancy Barto (R-Phoenix) joins research fellow Jesse Hathaway on the the Heartland Daily Podcast to talk about Senate Bill 1377, a bill under consideration that would authorize dental therapists to practice in the state.

Arizona is experiencing a shortage of dental care, Barto tells Hathaway, causing many people in outlying and rural areas to forego routine dental care.

Dental therapists are similar to primary-care nurse practitioners, Barto explains, providing a limited set of services. A dental therapist operates under the supervision of a licensed dentist to perform basic dental treatment and preventive services.

Barto explains how the bill would use free-market principles to solve the state’s dental crunch without requiring expensive government mandates or wasteful spending on programs and initiatives.

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Jesse Hathaway is a policy advisor for budget and tax issues at The Heartland Institute. @JesseinOH