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History in the Making: AZ Balanced Budget Planning Convention

September 8, 2017

Constitutional experts discuss the Article V process and the upcoming Arizona Planning Convention.

Constitutional experts Katie Kerschner, Adam Kwasman, and David Goldenschuh discuss Article V of the US Constitution and the upcoming Arizona Planning Convention.

Katie Kerschner is a Project Coordinator at the Center for Tenth Amendment Action with the Texas Public Policy Foundation. She explains how the process of Article V works, and why the United States needs to implement the Article V process to amend the Constitution to enact lasting reforms.

Adam Kwasman is a former Arizona state legislator. He describes the role of Arizona in the upcoming Arizona Planning Convention.

David Goldenschuh is a Constitutional expert and Heartland Institute contributor. He discusses the history of Article V Conventions in the United States and how the Arizona Planning Convention can address some of the significant issues the country faces. Goldenschuh also outlines the major goals he believes can be accomplished during and after the Arizona Planning Convention.
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