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Dr. Alieta Eck: Give Charity Care, Health Care Sharing a Chance

May 4, 2017

Doctors would rather donate their time to treat low-income patients for free than deal with Medicaid, according to Dr. Alieta Eck, founder of the free clinic Zarephath Health Center.

Named after the home town of the biblical widow with the miraculously overflowing pantry, Zarephath Health Center is a place of refuge for poor and uninsured patients in need of medical care. Co-founder Dr. Alieta Eck joins Health Care News Managing Editor Michael Hamilton to explain how her free clinic attracted teams of doctors to treat patients for free. They discuss how lawmakers can remove barriers preventing doctors from donating their time and talent. Dr. Eck also serves on the board of one of the top health care sharing ministries, a faith-based alternative to health insurance.

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