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Dr. Deane Waldman: Jimmy Kimmel, Maintenance of Certification, and Mandates

May 24, 2017

Dr. Deane Waldman explains why Jimmy Kimmel's son's successful emergency surgery is not a case for Obamacare, and why Texas lawmakers should pass legislation liberating doctors from needless hoop-jumping.

Should states, insurers, and hospitals require doctors to undergo repeat testing that has no demonstrated positive effect on patient outcomes? Should they then charge doctors for the pleasure of taking such tests? Dr. Deane Waldman, director of the Center for Health Care Policy at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, says absolutely not in this episode of the Health Care News Podcast.

Host Michael Hamilton Hamilton and Waldman then shift gears to fact-check an emotional appeal to save Obamacare by comic television show host Jimmy Kimmel, which went viral on the internet days before the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act.

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