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Dr. Robert Emmons: Mental Health Patients Win with Direct-Pay Psychiatry

May 16, 2017

Mental health patients benefit at least as much as from free-market principles as non-mental health patients, according to 28-year direct-pay psychiatrist Dr. Robert Emmons.

Free-market principles empower mental health patients at least as much as non-mental health patients, Dr. Robert Emmons explains on this episode of the Health Care News Podcast with Michael Hamilton, managing editor of Health Care News.

For 28 years, Dr. Emmons has practiced psychiatry on a direct-pay, fee-for-service basis, treating patients of every income level--just like three generations of Emmons before him. The best way to expand affordable, high-quality treatment for mental health patients is to transition public policy's focus from the third-party-payer system to a system in which patients choose which providers offer the most bang for their buck, Emmons says.

Dr. Emmons practices in Burlington, Vermont.

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