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Dr. Scott Jensen's Career Was Threatened After Questioning COVID-19 Protocols

January 18, 2022

Dr. Scott Jensen noticed that protocols for reporting COVID-19 deaths did not match that of every other disease. This realization threatened his career.

Dr. Scott Jensen, a long-time family physician, is a former Minnesota State Senator who is now running for governor. While working as a physician, Dr. Jensen became aware that reporting COVID-19 deaths was done differently than other diseases. Specifically, Dr. Jensen was told to report deaths as “due to COVID,” even if that wasn’t the primary cause. When Dr Jensen reported this to his higher-ups, he was told that a medical board was reviewing his license, which is required to practice medicine. Essentially, he had to shut-up or lose his job.

Dr. Jensen decided to go public with this information even though it threatened his career. Now, he’s running for governor in Minnesota. Dr. Jensen joins Heartland’s Samantha Fillmore and Matt Dean to provide his compelling story against bureaucratic injustice.

Follow Dr. Jensen on Twitter: @drscottjensen

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Samantha Fillmore is a State Government Relations Manager for The Heartland Institute. @GRHeartland
Matt Dean is Senior Fellow for Health Care Policy Outreach at The Heartland Institute.